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Lets first start with a bit of history:

ami24 What is The Mirror all about?

The Extensions Mirror (TEM), now called Add-ons Mirror (AMI), has been serving the Mozilla community for more than four years. It went online July 11, 2003. Since then, millions of users come here looking for add-ons. The site is slowly being updated to include newer extensions and themes, but you’ll also find an archive of older releases that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet.

The first mirror, My Extensions Mirror, was started between the 0.7 and 0.8 versions of Firefox by Samir Boulema (Sboulema). Samir needed an online place to store the thirteen extensions that he used at the time. Since then it has shifted into a full-blown mirror and changed into a couple of different designs.

The mirror proved its worth with the release of Firefox 0.8 when the servers crumbled to their knees under the heavy load of all the visitors. It took out the MozillaZine Forums and the Extension Room. Samir’s Mirror was the only place to get extensions.

So he maintained the site and started building a better mirror that would have more extensions and would be capable of the load of visitors that the 0.9 and 1.0 releases would bring. The design changed to this forum style for easy updating and search capabilities. Eventually, he changed servers from a free Lycos account to paid Lycos web hosting.

On August 22, 2004 the mirror got a new name and face. It changed from My Extensions Mirror to The Extensions Mirror, since the community is doing a great deal in helping with this site, and it’s no longer only “my” [Samir’s] mirror. It belongs to the entire Mozilla community.

 The People Behind The Mirror

 Samir L. Boulema was responsible for The Extensions Mirror. He started doing this alone, but later five members became part of the crew. In 2006, two more joined. This was his way of giving something back to the Firefox community.

On June 4, 2007, Samir signed over The Extensions Mirror to Jane Ocean (Seamaiden). She made many changes, contributions, and improvements to the board and then retired from it in May 2008. She rejoined it in March 2010. The new co-owners of AMI are Seamaiden and John Sheppard (Sheppard).

If you have any comments please drop a line in the Administration Center of the Forums. I am sure you will get an answer there. We hope you all have a good stay here.

 The Admins

 Sheppard (John Sheppard): is the one who hosts Add-ons Mirror. He is your technical support contact, as well as the new co-owner of AMI. Contact (email | email) him directly about any server issues or bugs on the forum, homepage or wiki. Also ask him about any problems with your account and for any copyright issues.

 Seamaiden (Jane Ocean): is the founder and co-owner of Add-ons Mirror (AMI). She took over the old TEM site from Samir and made many improvements. In May 2008 she resigned and transferred ownership to Sheppard. She returned to the forum in March 2010 as co-owner. She checks in and does some work here on a limited basis, but she is not on the forums very often. Contact her here (email).

 Sboulema (Samir Boulema): is the original founder of The Extensions Mirror (TEM), the site on which Add-ons Mirror is based. He is a full-time student and works 2 jobs. In June of 2007, he turned the site over to Seamaiden (Jane Ocean), and it became Add-ons Mirror (AMI). This gave Samir more time to concentrate on his studies. He will be checking in from time to time to help with management and technical issues, but do not expect to see much of him.

 Maxx: is an honorary admin, now inactive. He and Samir were known as “The Dream Team” in the olden days of TEM. He has moved onto other things. We keep him on staff to honor him. Should Maxx ever wish to return, he is more than welcome. We could certainly use his technical expertise.

 Michael Buckley] |  codefisher.org

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 The Moderators

 Alex (Alzilla)

 Daniel Star (email)

 John L. Galt

 Kahlua Kid

 Tony Mechelynck

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